A Natural Rich Tropical Paradise in Seminyak

Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa set in the heart of Seminyak, Bali is one of the first collection of villas to be built on this natural virgin rich soil landscape.

Dee Mytton, the owner of Villa Kubu, took great care in designing and planting a Balinese tropical paradise. Each spacious villa boasts lush, vibrant, colourful gardens, beautiful ponds, rippling fountains and ancient stone statues all tended and cultivated by the seven dedicated gardeners.

Of the 17 luxury private pool villas, all have individual unique gardens featuring exotic plants both endemic to the area or planted from seeds brought in from Asia that flourish in this environment. Many of the villas boast lily filled ponds with Koi Karp. Hindu tradition says that if you walk across water to reach your home, the bad spirits cannot follow you.
lotus view of Villa Kubu, Seminyak, Bali pool gardens of Villa Kubu, Seminyak, Bali ancient stone statue at Villa Kubu, Seminyak, Bali stone steps on the water at Villa Kubu, Seminyak, Bali

These gardens are blessed with stunning coconut trees, flowering frangipani, mango trees adorned with fruits, vivid pink Bauhinia and large tropical Terminalia Catappas also known as the country almond tree. Locally grown hibiscus plants produce huge, colorful, trumpet- shaped flowers and the densely flowering Densiflorum orchid, which is native to Asia, can be found in this tropical estate. The vibrant red Ixora and the white and green Gardenia Augusta, which can often be found growing wild in Vietnam, are seen in Villa’s Kubu’s lush garden beds. Palm trees fill spaces and provide natural shade, while the Cordyline Fruticosa a red hued plant is known as the good luck plant and the colourful Codiaeum Variegatum with shades of yellow and orange are all native to Indonesia. Many of the mature trees at Villa Kubu are now over 15 years old.

Kubu’s Indonesian chef can often be seen picking locally grown chilli, mangos and lime used in the preparation of his organic dishes used at the onsite Oasis Restaurant whilst the succulent wild aloe vera is beneficial for treating cuts and grazes.

Birds and wildlife breed in this beautiful natural setting; the local Balinese starling, which is sadly on the critically endangered species list, can often be seen pollinating the flaura and fauna at Kubu and bathing in the many rippling ponds found on the estate. In this blossoming garden environment, butterflies, geckos, squirrels and the Zebra dove enjoy this peaceful tranquility.

Guests can stay in Villa Kubu’s one, two or three-bedroom private pool villas and relax and enjoy the lush beautiful plant and buzzing breeding wildlife that flourish in this stunning setting.



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