Best Steak in Seminyak Bali

I’m a secondhand vegetarian.  Cows eat grass, I eat cows. Ba da boom!  For me, the best day in the world is one where I come back to our private Villa at Villa Kubu Seminyak, after playing with the kids at the beach; get to eat a huge steak with an ice cold beer and then chill out completely getting a massage in front of the footy, while the wife gets a mani pedi two minutes barefoot walk away at Spa Venus – I’m a simple man who enjoys life’s simple pleasures.

And for me, the simple pleasures are what can take a holiday from ok to great.  So I have dragged the missus and the kids all over Bali in search of my perfect steak.  It’s been a fun, sometimes frustrating experience, but worth it, as I now have my top 5 go to places where I know I won’t be disappointed.


The Boy & Cow

6 mins by bike – fine dining experience

Specialising in dry aged steak cuts, this meat boutique has some of the best steak in Bali, with beautiful Australian Angus beef and Wagyu.  The sides are tasty and filling, try the mac and cheese for a retro blast that’ll knock your socks off. Service is also excellent here and they have good selection of wine and beer.  Don’t miss out!


Rev Bistro

4 mins by bike – great for lunch or dinner

This pretty little bistro is a favourite with the wife for its funky look and friendly service, she also loves their pastry selection. For myself I know I can’t go wrong with one of their hearty beef dishes.  The steak frites uses Australian rib eye and is always a crowd pleasure, while the Wagyu beouf bourgignon is true indulgence.


Sip Wine Bar

10 mins walk – French style brasserie

Owner Christian Vanneque is proud to have created a little piece of Paris in Bali.  The food is hearty and flavoursome and the prices are reasonable. Here the famous Pepper Steak is my go to, tender Australian beef, with a warming black peppercorn sauce.  Even the fussy kids are happy here as they can get bangers’n’mash…just don’t tell them it’s really Sausage a la Parisienne!



5 mins by bike – meat eater heaven for dinner spot

As a man, I am happiest with an open fire to cook on, so the woodfire grill here at Salazon was what first drew me in.  Then I spotted their meat dry aging showroom and I was in love. Try their 32 day dry aged stockyard 550g Tbone for a steak experience you will never forget.


Miura Pintxos Bar & Grill

6 mins by bike – great for dinner

With Spanish inspired food and décor, at Miura I sometimes forgo the beer for some of their excellent Sangria.  It goes so well with their excellent selection of steaks that are always juicy and tender. They have a nice ranges of sides but the good quality meat is really the star of the show.  Try for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.


Villa Kubu fully serviced BBQ

brought to your private villa

This is one of my favourite ways to enjoy some superlative quality meat while on holiday in Bali.  The amazing villa staff bring a fully serviced BBQ to you in your luxury villa. They cook the finest quality meat and seafood fresh, poolside, while you relax with a beer or play with the kids in the pool – it’s a must have holiday experience!  The folks here at Kubu also do a very good rooms service steak, with top quality meat imported from Australia.

Have we got you feeling like sinking your teeth into some top quality beef?  Check out this month’s VIP accommodation specials here and book your next holiday today.


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