Enjoy the ultimate Detox weekend at Spa Venus

For the ultimate cleanse of mind body and soul I planned a girls weekend to Spa Venus at Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa. The plan of action was to be pampered in total paradise for a glorious three days two nights stay. Spa Venus is located within Villa Kubu’s enchanting walled garden tucked away waiting to be discovered, I was also eager to feast on Oasis Restaurant & Bar specially tailored delicious and nutritious menu!

We were ready to indulge in the famous Bali healing spirit of Spa Venus, and immerse ourselves in clean living and dining at Oasis Restaurant & Bar.

Not only pampering was in store for us but also a carefully constructed concentrated health kick at the beautiful Oasis Restaurant & Bar. They have a custom-made juicing and gluten free menu that is healthy but most importantly tasty, we were ready to start our therapeutic stay aiming to sooth, restore and nourish ourselves.

The delight of staying at Villa Kubu is that you can order to the luxury and convenience of your private villa. It was fabulous to all sit in the gorgeous gardens whilst eating our yummy food. We all opted for a high protein, lean and filling breakfast to kick-start our metabolism and to fill us for the morning of spa treatments- such a hard life! Our smoked salmon and scrambled egg was divine, adorned with spicy crisp watercress and on hot freshly made seeded bread. The eggs were golden and fluffy, a meal perfectly packed full of vital vitamins. I also slurped down a chilled, tangy and refreshing freshly squeezed tangerine juice that was to die for!

In the morning we lay by our shimmering opulent pool framed by the tastefully designed gardens Reading, relaxing and recuperating!
For lunch we visited the aptly named Oasis Restaurant & Bar in the center of the villa complex shaded naturally by soaring exotic trees, furnished with chic dark wood and light linen cushions with fans circulating a cool breeze.

spa treatments Lataliana Villa Seminyak, Balipedicure spa venus Lataliana Villa, Seminyak, Bali

I opted for a light and lean gluten free lunch of Vietnamese spring rolls. They were bursting with Asian flavour stuffed with aromatic coriander, spring onion, crispy cucumber, carrot and bean sprouts rolled in rice paper, served wit zesty hot Thai chilli dressing. They were fresh crunchy and a perfect accompaniment to my health juice ‘scooter booster’, a blend of beetroot lime passion fruit carrot and orange, brimming with antioxidants. It came in a stylish beaker with a retro glass straw and was utterly delicious. I could feel all its goodness aiding my body’s wellbeing as I slurped it down -the beetroot and passion fruit married perfectly together.
After lunch instead of feeling uncomfortably full and bloated we all felt satisfied and refreshed.

That afternoon we booked an in villa mani-pedi by the luxury and privacy of our villa it was such fun to be all sat by the pool enjoying each other’s company and taking in our stunning surroundings. After the manicure we all felt and looked amazing. I was so impressed by the Spa Venus staff’s attentive and professional manner. The polish itself was immensely high quality OPI I wouldn’t have expected anything but the best from Villa Kubu. I opted for a gorgeous sparkling white to compliment my tan and I thought I look the epitome of glamour but I also felt it after indulging in a ‘healing tea’- a Villa Kubu specialty. It was a wonderful warming, soothing blend of fresh firey ginger, lemon, manuka honey, turmeric, full of medicinal properties and rich in free-radical fighting antioxidants that boost the immune system.

We continued to unwind, free ourselves from stress and cleanse. In the evening we ventured back to the Oasis after such a successful lunch we were looking forward to a third helping of tantalising healthy food. I chose the ‘Tempe avocado salad’ the avocado was perfectly ripe, sweet crisp corn all covered in a fabulously flavourful Asian citrus dressing. To complete my detox I finished my meal with a ‘veggie juice’ most health drinks can be bit of struggle but this was really truly tasty.

pool view Villa Kubu, Seminyak, Baliexterior of Spa Venus Villa Kubu, Seminyak, Bali

We fell asleep guilt free content in total bliss. The environment of the private villa, Spa Venus and Oasis Restaurant & Bar blend perfectly together when wanting a detox escape with friends-what a magical few days. I will float my way through the rest of my trip!



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